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I am passionate about Parallel Programming and Parallel Computer Architecture. Fast computers! I have had the great fortune to help make key contributions to two of the world's fastest computers (#1 on the "Top500" lists many times) and many other supercomputers.
My latest project is Data Parallelism for C++. I am working on a book on Intel's DPC++ compiler, which is Intel's open source SYCL compiler called DPC++. We released the first four chapters for the book in November 2019, and aim to complete the book by mid-2020. We also have developed training for DPC++ available on Intel's web site for oneAPI programmers.
I am working as an independent consultant on parallel computing, high performance computing (HPC, AI, ML, CPUs, FPGAs, GPUs, and accelerators of all kinds). I previously worked at Intel until 2016. During my 10,001 days at Intel, I contributed to many projects including the world's first TeraFLOP/s supercomputer (ASCI Red) and the world's first TeraFLOP/s microprocessor. Today, I continue to publish articles and do consulting in areas related to high performance computing, and applications that use high performance computing including AI/ML.

Check out my current DPC++ projects: learn DPC++ and oneAPI

Passionate about Parallel Programming and Parallel Computer Architecture

I am always looking to improve the methods and tools for Parallel Programming through better models, understanding and training. I have authored/edited to create nine books (so far) reflecting this passion. I have also taught many courses, classes, tutorials, and workshops. I am familiar with many software developer markets from embedded to HPC.
I am a strong communicator, and available to help with...
  • Whitepapers,
  • Impactful Technical Communications,
  • Software Developer Training,
  • High Performance Computing Consulting,
  • Software Developer Tools Consulting, and
  • Anything Technically Interesting!

Publications include:

CV for

James Reinders

Over 30 years in High Performance Computing and Parallel Computing.
Author of nine programming books, numerous papers and blogs.
Expert on Supercomputer architectures and HPC programming. Strong Communicator.

Professional Experience

James Reinders Consulting LLC

August 2016 – present

HPC and ML/AI Consultant

Intel Corporation

February 1989 – June 2016

Intel Achievement Award Recipient, Intel’s highest honor.

Parallel Programming Models Architect for Intel’s HPC Business.

Key contributor for two of the longest standing #1 computers in history: ASCI Red (#1 for June 1997-November 2000) and Tianhe-2A (#1 for June 2013-June 2016).

Author/editor of eight technical books (while at Intel, another coming in 2019 post-Intel)

HPC Technical Communications Expert: Public Face for Intel to High Performance Computing (HPC) Software Developers, Corporate qualified spokesperson for Press and Analysts.

Business Architect of Intel’s Software Tools Business (propelling Intel from obscurity to a leader in software development tools, with a powerful channel and sales force).

Official roles and titles during tenure at Intel:

Parallel Programming Model Architect and Evangelist, Director, October 2010-June 2016.

Evangelist and Director of Marketing & Sales for Software Development Tools, 2000-2010

Technical Marketing and Customer Support Manager – Intel Software Development Tools, Pentium 4 and Itanium Software Development Systems, 1998-2000

Project lead and manager Intel Fortran Compiler and C/C++ Frontend teams, 1995-1998

Senior Systems Architect ASCI Red Project (world’s first TeraFLOP supercomputer), Pentium Pro Compilers, and 64-bit Architecture Pathfinding, 1992-1995

Compiler Engineer and Team Lead, iWarp, Systolic Array Supercomputer, Compiler liaison to Carnegie Mellon University, 1989-1992

Corporate qualified spokesperson (media trained) for Intel, 1998-2016.

Selected Publications

Selected Teaching/Speaking Experience

Employment before Intel

Software Project Lead Warp Compilers / GE Radar Systems Division; Syracuse, New York
C and LISP programming, customer training and support
May 1987-February 1989

Teaching Assistant / University of Michigan; Ann Arbors, Michigan
Lectures, grading, labs, office hours; graduate compiler construction, interactive computer graphics, discrete mathematics, data structures, and digital computer engineering lab classes.
September 1983-May 1987

Computer programming summer jobs during high school and college
LISP and C programming; Autonomous Mobile Robot Guidance Systems; 3D modeling and visualization.
General Motors Research, Computer Science; Warren, Michigan / Summers 1986 & 1985

C programming; Voice digitalization & cataloguing; telephone audio response systems
Votrax Incorporated – Voice Synthesis; Troy, Michigan / Summers 1984 & 1982

C and Forth programming; engine emission collection, calibration and analysis
Ford Scientific Research Labs – Engine test; Dearborn, Michigan / Summer 1983

DATABUS(PL/B) programming, customer support; small business accounting and job costing
Account Systems Incorporated; Bloomfield Hills, Michigan / Summer 1981

C and WD16000 assembly programming, customer support; restaurant PoS with central data collection and analysis
Alpha Software Consultants; Detroit, Michigan / Summer 1980

BASIC programming, customer support; small business accounting and job costing
Account Systems Incorporated; Bloomfield Hills, Michigan / Summer 1979

University Education

M.S.E. 1987: University of Michigan, Computer Engineering, summa cum laude

B.S.E. 1985: University of Michigan, Computer Engineering, cum laude

B.S.E. 1985: University of Michigan, Electrical Engineering, cum laude

U.S. Patents Issued

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