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I have suspended operations as a consultant, as of November 2020, as I have joined Intel again.
I am passionate about Parallel Programming and Parallel Computer Architecture. Fast computers! I have had the great fortune to help make key contributions to two of the world's fastest computers (#1 on the "Top500" lists many times) and many other supercomputers.
I was working as an independent consultant on parallel computing, high performance computing (HPC, AI, ML, CPUs, FPGAs, GPUs, and accelerators of all kinds). I previously worked at Intel until 2016. During my 10,001 days at Intel, I contributed to many projects including the world's first TeraFLOP/s supercomputer (ASCI Red) and the world's first TeraFLOP/s microprocessor. Today, I continue to publish articles and do consulting in areas related to high performance computing, and applications that use high performance computing including AI/ML.

Passionate about Parallel Programming and Parallel Computer Architecture

I am always looking to improve the methods and tools for Parallel Programming through better models, understanding and training. I have authored/edited to create nine books (so far) reflecting this passion. I have also taught many courses, classes, tutorials, and workshops. I am familiar with many software developer markets from embedded to HPC.
I am a strong communicator, and available to help with...
  • Whitepapers,
  • Impactful Technical Communications,
  • Software Developer Training,
  • High Performance Computing Consulting,
  • Software Developer Tools Consulting, and
  • Anything Technically Interesting!

Publications include:

CV for

James Reinders

Over 30 years in High Performance Computing and Parallel Computing.
Author/coauthor of ten programming books, numerous papers and blogs.
Expert on Supercomputer architectures and HPC programming. Strong Communicator.

Professional Experience

Intel Corporation

November 2020 – present


James Reinders Consulting LLC

August 2016 – November 2020

HPC and ML/AI Consultant

Intel Corporation

February 1989 – June 2016

Intel Achievement Award Recipient, Intel’s highest honor.

Parallel Programming Models Architect for Intel’s HPC Business.

Key contributor for two of the longest standing #1 computers in history: ASCI Red (#1 for June 1997-November 2000) and Tianhe-2A (#1 for June 2013-June 2016).

Author/editor of ten technical books (while at Intel, another coming in 2019 post-Intel)

HPC Technical Communications Expert: Public Face for Intel to High Performance Computing (HPC) Software Developers, Corporate qualified spokesperson for Press and Analysts.

Business Architect of Intel’s Software Tools Business (propelling Intel from obscurity to a leader in software development tools, with a powerful channel and sales force).

Official roles and titles during tenure at Intel:

Parallel Programming Model Architect and Evangelist, Director, October 2010-June 2016.

Evangelist and Director of Marketing & Sales for Software Development Tools, 2000-2010

Technical Marketing and Customer Support Manager – Intel Software Development Tools, Pentium 4 and Itanium Software Development Systems, 1998-2000

Project lead and manager Intel Fortran Compiler and C/C++ Frontend teams, 1995-1998

Senior Systems Architect ASCI Red Project (world’s first TeraFLOP supercomputer), Pentium Pro Compilers, and 64-bit Architecture Pathfinding, 1992-1995

Compiler Engineer and Team Lead, iWarp, Systolic Array Supercomputer, Compiler liaison to Carnegie Mellon University, 1989-1992

Corporate qualified spokesperson (media trained) for Intel, 1998-2016.

Selected Publications

Selected Teaching/Speaking Experience

Employment before Intel

Software Project Lead Warp Compilers / GE Radar Systems Division; Syracuse, New York
C and LISP programming, customer training and support
May 1987-February 1989

Teaching Assistant / University of Michigan; Ann Arbors, Michigan
Lectures, grading, labs, office hours; graduate compiler construction, interactive computer graphics, discrete mathematics, data structures, and digital computer engineering lab classes.
September 1983-May 1987

Computer programming summer jobs during high school and college
LISP and C programming; Autonomous Mobile Robot Guidance Systems; 3D modeling and visualization.
General Motors Research, Computer Science; Warren, Michigan / Summers 1986 & 1985

C programming; Voice digitalization & cataloguing; telephone audio response systems
Votrax Incorporated – Voice Synthesis; Troy, Michigan / Summers 1984 & 1982

C and Forth programming; engine emission collection, calibration and analysis
Ford Scientific Research Labs – Engine test; Dearborn, Michigan / Summer 1983

DATABUS(PL/B) programming, customer support; small business accounting and job costing
Account Systems Incorporated; Bloomfield Hills, Michigan / Summer 1981

C and WD16000 assembly programming, customer support; restaurant PoS with central data collection and analysis
Alpha Software Consultants; Detroit, Michigan / Summer 1980

BASIC programming, customer support; small business accounting and job costing
Account Systems Incorporated; Bloomfield Hills, Michigan / Summer 1979

University Education

M.S.E. 1987: University of Michigan, Computer Engineering, summa cum laude

B.S.E. 1985: University of Michigan, Computer Engineering, cum laude

B.S.E. 1985: University of Michigan, Electrical Engineering, cum laude

U.S. Patents Issued

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